Are You A Resident Of Broward County? Start A Successful Small Business

Have you ever wanted to start your own business but just did not feel confident enough to pursue your dream or think that you did not have enough knowledge to even start one. Well, this may just be what you need to take that first step.

Start-Up Now promotes entrepreneur skills and is presented by CareerSource Broward in partnership with the Innovation Hub @ Broward College using Federal funds under award ED16HDQ0200018 from the Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce.

The application deadline for Start-Up Now cohort 2 is Friday, April 21, 2017. 

For more information

  • Visit START-UP NOW
  • Call  (954) 495 – 4346 ext 3
  • Email


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Ultra and Uber: The Perfect Match!!!!

Going to Ultra this weekend?!?!! Then you may want to use Uber.  Ultra and Uber have teamed up to make it even easier for you to get to and from the event. As the exclusive ridesharing partner of Ultra, Uber has secured The Uber Ultra Lounge for drivers make pickups and dropoffs from the festival in a breeze.

It will be located at the Miami-Dade College campus ( on the corner of Biscayne Blvd. and NE 6th St. ), just a block north of Bayfront Park. As a rider, you  will be directed there to meet your driver at the Uber Ultra Lounge. At large festivals, connectivity can sometimes be an issue, but with this designated lounge, the drivers will have reliable wifi connection so that accepting rides can be a seamless experience. Remember you can use Uber to be a responsible Ultra patron by not drinking and driving after the event! Enjoy the festival!!!

Don’t have an Uber account yet?!!
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Create Your Own Library


Photo Credits: Eugenio Mazzone

Do you have a Google Gmail account? Well, if  not,  here is a great reason to do so now! You can get access to great supply of good reads via  Google Books  . Google created this program with scanned books from over a dozen university libraries.

All you need to do is create an account or login in with your current account login info.  Then just search for your next book to read. Once click on the book, you will be brought to the area where you can save the book and begin your library selections for you and your loved ones. You may even find a few books that are no longer in publication.

GB save

There are a  variety of books for the whole family. Some books are available for purchase through various online links like Google store, Amazon, etc…

Enjoy the reads!!!

Self-Publishing Basics: How to Pick the Size of your Book

Books in the air

As soon as you get serious about self-publishing a book, you are confronted with the choice of what size your book ought to be.For instance, if you want to get a price on how much a book will cost

Source: Self-Publishing Basics: How to Pick the Size of your Book


12215695_1467121641.1397 Some of you may know Kathleen Ann Elizabeth Riley , better known as Mama Kat, whom lost her son…he was senselessly murdered in MD last year. She is living in a hotel right now and close to getting into a new residence. She is in desperate need of assistance because she only has 24 hours to move out of the hotel and get the rental on hold for her. She is only $500 short of her goal.   If you are local, please reach out to her via messaging on Facebook to save having to pay the fees for Go Fund Me. If you are out of her local are please use GO FUND ME to help her. The link is

Which web hosting company do you use and why?

Hi Readers!

I am searching for the best web hosting company for me to launch a couple of my sites and would like your help with my search. I need a reasonably eCommerce plan, too! Please let me know which web hosting company you are using and why you think it would be a good choice for me to use that company.

Thanks for you help!


What can I do?

Lately, I have been witnessing many things being done by individuals in their communities that help their neighborhoods grow economically as well as provide services for those less fortunate than others. I have always wanted to be able to give to others even though I think I don’t have much to give to them.

However, a few of my friends have pointed out that I have an optimistic way of looking at things and I always seem to be sharing the ‘wealth of knowledge’ I have obtained over the years. So, they have encourage me to do just that–share my knowledge and skills with others.

So, today is the day I commit myself to doing just that for others. Now, I have to find the best way to do this task. What can I do that would make a difference to others and economically bring growth to my community and neighboring areas? Well, here are some of the things of what I would like to incorporate within my endeavors ( I am sure this will grow enormously as I get into my venture :):

1. Be able to create jobs.

2. Be able to bring our youth and elderly together.

3. Be able to encourage other companies (within the community and neighboring cities) to participate.

4. Creating an environment within our community that may be modeled anywhere in the world.

Well, as I get my thoughts in order for this adventure, it is hoped that you as readers will  also want to ‘play it forward’ within your communities. Please feel free to share what your thoughts or the things you have already established within your communities. As this blog grows, so will our communities. Remember, there are several ways you can help others: volunteering, donating, sharing knowledge, praying…are just a few methods. Here is a link from another blog that had a 100 ways:

May you have a wonderful week!

Best regards,