My Intro to WordPress!

Although I knew about Word Press for the past couple of years, I’ve decided to use this popular platform after watching Bloom TV show Venture which spoke to the Founder of Word Press. Normally, I have only reviewed and replied to blogs. Being so new to this media source, it will definitely be a trial and error journey for me within this ever-growing blogging community.

Yes! It will be all new to me but I intend to use it as my portal for others to keep up with my newest quest: Becoming more active in my community. My goal for this ‘blogging mission’ is to post bi-monthly about my accomplishments within my community and the surrounding cities as well as provide resourceful information via links, articles, and more.

So, please begin by reading my opening post entitled, ‘What Can I Do’. Then, come back for future posts which will compiled from information gathered through researching the world-wide web, reading of literature, discussions with the local residents, various people from outside of the community, real participation from myself, etc. Your feedback is very important to me. So, I urge your participation by sharing your ideas, opinions, constructive criticism, knowledge and resources.





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