Project Progress

As of today, I have found out how to get a business license and become a non-for profit organization. yet, I am not sure if this should be a non-profit or profit entity. I have a couple of names to consider for the organization. I will share my decision soon!

Currently, I am looking for a building in my city or one nearby. So far, to buy a building it will take anywhere between $350,000 to $700,000. Thus, I am thinking on creating a website solely for a fundraiser or donations. I have some products that may help to fund this part of my project. However, I will have to get my non-profit status and join the name and open a bank account only for this purpose. I would like to give a monthly progress report on the accumulative funds with “special thanks” to donors who don’t mind public acknowledgment by the organization.

If you know anything about this part of a business or have any ideas, feel free to send me an email:

Yours truly,


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