Future Projects: Literacy ~ Homelessness ~ Animal Rescue

As you know Empowered Results is going for a new look. Indeed, there are other changes coming to this site. Since the whole ideal of this blog is to share, to communicate, and get involve with things that matter to me as a person, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a co-worker, etc. I have found out that helping people is what I do best. It is rewarding to use your skills or share your knowledge of things when it helps others. Yet, my lack of consistency, funds, and knowledge have prevent me from moving forward with my desires to assist how I truly would like to with the people in the  communities I interact with daily.

That is, until someone explained to me that there are many ways that we can assist in our communities that will help with gaining knowledge which will later allow the funds to flow for the cause . Whether you volunteer or donate or just bring awareness to that cause, you are giving assistance. You can research the organizations but to see how it is really done, you have to volunteer and communicate with the people who are behind the cause you select to support. With that said, as the fouder of this blog, I have decided to become a Supporter of three concerns: Literacy, Homeless, and Animal Rescue. Why these causes?






Courtesy of Graur Codrin at Free Digital Photos
Courtesy of Graur Codrin Free Digital Photos

There are too many of our youth who cannot read and are graduating from high school. This affects the individual throughout adulthood – throughout the person’s life. This some times leads to many negative outcomes which can include my next concern of interest: homelessness.

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Courtesy of Mister GC   Free Digital Photos


There are many people who walk throughout our communities that actually have jobs but no where to live. Yes, I found this unbelievable until I met someone  in this scenario. The fact there are so many people whom are homeless and really need the assistance, I feel compelled to do something. There are many challenges that come with this particular cause. I am learning more and more about the red tape associated with trying to do it the right way and will need to establish a network with the right people to accomplish my goal. 🙂

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        Courtesy of Pixbox77           Free Digital Photos


Anyone who knows me, knows I love animals. If I had acreage I would probably have a menagerie. Since there are so many organizations out there that assist with animals, I will try to keep my support within the range of my local community. As I do my homework on this cause and other two causes, it will not be so limited and I will be able to expand my support to other communities.

As my vision becomes more clear for this journey, it will be shared with you, my fellow Bloggers and dear Readers. Now you know what I am facing, I hope you can assist with the building blocks of knowledge. I seek information about organizations that are truly putting their dollars to such causes. Please feel free to send me information to empoweredresults@gmail.com.

Finally, I encourage you to pick a cause to support and share with all of us why you selected the cause.

Yours Truly!