Grab a Seat

Hi All! I know…it’s been a good moment since I last posted anything! Well, I have a lot of catching up to do. So, I’ve decided to peek on the other side of the Blogosphere and see what’s going on while my carpool co-worker drives us home.

My first post is a delish read that I could not pass up! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Please accept this wonderful reblog as well as the rest that I find during my transport home.

Yours Truly!


The Squeaky Robot

For the budget-conscious person in Hanoi, there are no better alternatives to eating than traditional Vietnamese dishes found on every sidewalk, corner and alleyway. One needn’t look far. The food here is delicious, cheap and fun, as it requires a level of proactivity and interactivity that is unfamiliar to many cuisines worldwide. I say proactivity because the best places in Hanoi only serve one thing, and they only serve that one thing for a short window in the day. My favorite bun cha place is open for three hours a day at most, even less if they run out of food. So you must plan and run. Once you plop down on a dubious plastic cube, the interaction begins. Fix your plate with whatever options are available: limes, chili sauce, garlic vinegar, pepper. Mix whole chilies into your fish sauce – let it rest! The chilies must permeate everything. Many…

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