Financial Freedom…Everyone’s Dream!!!

Prior to getting on Facebook tonight, I read Debt Free Stress Free – My Journey to a Debt Free Life by Malone Angella Fleming. I have read some books on this topic in the past but this book was short and to the point…making it an easy read. I must say it was so good, I did not put it down until I finished it. The story that Malone shares about her life and the scriptures that accent the storyline are paired with a wonderful feeling of empowerment as you read her book. She includes some bullets and a checklist to could aide in making your goals attainable through your journey to financial freedom. In fact, you can follow her on Facebook page for some of her ‘daily nuggets’ that will surely empower you as you walk this path towards becoming debt free!

Even if you are debt free or maintaining a discipline lifestyle towards a debt free lifestyle, you will enjoy this book enough to share as an excellent gift to others who may not be as financially free as you. I am adding Ms. Fleming’s book as the first one on my Book Shelf page (Coming Soon!) With that said, please feel free to use my Amazon affiliated by clicking on the photo to purchase the book. All funds will go towards the Funding Future Projects.