Already Missing You…

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Tonight, I had to put a pet of 16 years to sleep on the Eve of Christmas. Some people will make their comments on this and probably won’t give a damn. But for pet lovers like me, this is hard to take especially around this time of year. For me it was especially hardest because I could not afford to keep him alive. I had to make this choice which makes it even worse. Although the Vet was stating it was the humane thing to do, it was so heartbreaking!

As I sit and post this story, I am just crying because I lost a wonderful pet…I lost my sidekick! You see, we had a wonderful thing. For instance, after a long day at work, I normally will go and play a game on the computer or spend some time watching a movie with CJ, my grandson. He would proceed to get on the desk and demand his attention by doing the various little annoying ‘love acts’ like stand in front of the screen; step on the keyboard; move the mouse over the edge until it would drop off the desk; or even step on the power strip to turn off the computer. Once he got my attention, he would lay on my lap and enjoy what time we had left before I would go to bed or leave to go to my home away from home.

I will miss my unique four-legged friend: the way he always seem to know when I was sadden of the death of a family member or friend or did his silly act after sniffing catnip or massaged my stomach thinking his nails was soothing for some reason or just laid down on my chest & feet whenever I was sick or cold. I will miss him so much.

For those who may never understand this loss I am posting about tonight, may never understand what pets really can do for people. For those who have a pet and reading this post, take a moment and give that special friend a hug. Enjoy the moments you have with it or them. Although I will probably not seek another pet for awhile, I will continue to encourage others to go to the local humane society or pet store or vet’s office and seek out what could be a wonderful pet for you or a love one. I know extraordinary feline has given me multiple moments of laughter and joy!

He will be missed deeply!