An Intriguing Religion … Shamanism

I was visited by Shamanic Tracking  and wanted to share the following post,  Searching for ayahuasca somewhere in Germany. Although I am not a religious person, I feel that I am spiritually inclined and attempt to learn more about other cultures and religions. Thus gaining understanding  so to learn how to respect others even more.

As I mentioned to the founder of this blog, I have heard about Shamanism but never really checked it out.  I was  in Texas when a friend of mine told me stories that were shared from daughter to daughter. While I cannot share her name per her request back then, I can share that she is decedent of Inca Shamanism healers. I believe she now practices the religion.

Of course, back then I did not understand that this was a religion but did feel connected when she shared her heritage. In the brief time of our friendship, I did find my passion for animals and the environment around me. However, I was also given a different way of looking at things in life in general.

So, today I read more on Shamanism. As I began to read more on it and found it to be a very intriguing and some what mystical religion!

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