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Good Art or Good Intentions – Does Art Change Lives?

There are approximately 49,000 grassroots arts groups in England with an estimated 9.4 million people participating in arts based activities on a regular basis.

I can’t find figures from the whole of the UK or Europe or the rest of the world but I imagine we are in the billions.

What is the purpose of community arts? Does participation in arts offer any lasting benefits? What is Good Art? What are just good intentions?  Why do artists and arts producers fight so vehemently about the process and results of participatory arts practise – one side justifying their approach as the most moral, engaging, process whilst other questioning their efforts as meaningless pap and dismiss it as amateurish self indulgence.

For me  – I like/engage with one project and I don’t like/engage with another project – Its very simple

Here is a…

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