Pet Companions…

For those who have  pet companions, I am sure you can relate to this story: A Final Farewell to Honey the Skinnydog. I have had pets throughout my life. I enjoy there company some times more than humans friends in this world.

Let’s take  is very old.  I had him since he was about 6 weeks (1997). He followed me home one day. Although he was stolen and returned back to us 2 years later, he has always been apart of my family.

He never stays too still for a photo.  I don’t think he likes to poise for them.  This photo of him is from the early days.  He can’t really jump up on the washer and is definitely taking it easier now.  Yet, he is still spunky.  I try to make it a point to hangout with him more when at home. It seems as if he really enjoys my company as much as I do his purring and stomach massages.

Right now, we only have dogs and cats! Not so much the menagerie the household has had in the past: a rooster, bunnies, iguanas, turtles,  snakes and birds.  Yet, it would really seem weird not to have at least one pet in the home.

So, if you love pets and have one or many of those companions around you and your family, take a moment and go through the photo albums;  give them a hug or a wonderful treat just to show some appreciation!

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