While at the Hospital…

I am at a local hospital with a family member and just really had a ‘wonderful’ experience. You see, I entered the lobby and asked for a wheel chair and was told one was around the corner. As I brought the person into the lobby and explained the conditions, it was so dehumanizing. Let me explain.

In the past, someone would get the wheelchair and follow you to the vehicle and get the patient. Now, it appears to be self-service. I say this to add…I was then instructed to go to a machine and sign into the ER. After a good few minutes of review onscreen info, I finally saw the prompt to touch the screen to begin the process. So, I entered the ID, input the personal date and reason of visit. Thus, due to person having chest pain, instructed to ‘immediately check-in’. You think?!

Well, I went to the Registrar to check-in and was instructed to visit the Triage area instead. While she attempting to explain the process to the security guard and tech in the original spot I started within the lobby, the security guard calls me over to get my pass.

As many know about me, I love technology. I am all for it. However, the current changes at this particular hospital prove to be dehumanizing. Of course, I called the Comment Line and shared my lovely experience and my thoughts on the new process which appears to have some tweaking to be made…especially on the human sector, which seem to be a bit lazy and unprofessional with this new technology.

Now, with at off my chest, I must give cuddles to the rest of the staff so far!!!  However, as I watch the now sleeping individual in the bed in front of me, I wonder about the future technology in our hospitals and how it will continue to effect the ‘bedside manners’ of the their staff.

Yours truly!