The Meat of the Issues | Livestock, meat and everything in between

After randomly surfing the web, I came across this post The Meat of the Issues | Livestock, meat and everything in between on the blog, Meat of the Issues. created by Travis Arp. As I read more posts, I found out the blogger got hired in the meat industry under his post New Chapter .

So, why is this so interesting to me? Well, there are 2 things that caught my eye in his post, New Chapter:

First, that fact the he feels that he may be limited to / possibly may have to end his blogging days due to the fact that he of his new position within the meat industry.  I know this may sound selfish, but it will be so disappointing since I only found his blog today! 😦 I hope he will consider keeping it live and continuing his blogging. Besides, I am sure the company that hired him did a basic background check and Google his name finding it associated to the blog. It apparently did not harm his chance one bit… he still got hired!

Finally,  he posts, ” I am certain these opportunities would not have come about without the experiences and connections I have made during my time at Missouri, Florida, and especially Colorado.”  This was wonderful to read because through social networking, people are exposed to great opportunities. I get excited about networking because of the wonderful benefits. It is without saying, I love sharing what I know with others. Knowledge is powerful!!!!

Well, I hope you will consider keeping the blog live with a few posts now and then! Remember the reason why you began to blog, Travis?  You post, ‘My hope is to share my experiences and knowledge here with industry friends and consumers alike.’ I am sure you will find a way!

Best wishes to you and Sara!!!