A Gift of Giving: Whatever~Whenever~However~Wherever-Whomever!

As many of us prepare for this wonderful holiday, let us not forget those less fortunate that us. Please commit to assisting one person or family this week and throughout next year to make a transition out of the circumstances the person or the family is currently experiences.  What does this mean?

It could mean many things:

  • A decent meal
  • A place to lay their heads
  • A job
  • A car
  • New Clothes
  • Training/Apprenticeship/Internship
  • Education
  • Watching the child while going to an interview
  • Your knowledge

Whatever~Whenever~However~Wherever~Whomever: Take the moment and assist someone to help the person out.  There is so much you can give that doesn’t require much to change the well-being of an individual and/or a family.

Remember the proverb, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”? This  has merit when lending a helping hand up to others. Take a person(s) into your place of business without skills. Let the individual become an apprentice or intern to learn the skills of a trade/position that could ‘feed’ him/her for life. Then emphasize that the person to play it forward when the time is right with someone else he/she meets later in life.

Every year we tend to get into the spirit of Christmas with donations to great charities. By all means, please continue to do so! Yet, this year, please take it a step further. Find someone or a a family and find out what will get that person or family out of the circumstances and assist in the best means you can: Whatever~Whenever~However~Wherever-Whomever you may be able to do so!

merry christmas

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