Finding Time

I was reading this blog post, Like time, my WordPress reader waits for no man., and thought to myself, ‘This is so true’. Lately, I haven’t been blogging due to my spare time working on some projects. Causing me to be so unfaithful to my dear Readers and Followers. For this, I must truly apologize.

My time management and organizational skills have been somewhat ‘off track’. Pretty much this state of being has affected both my personal and business projects. So, to counteract this status, I have decided to become a bit more strict with budgeting my time and go back to a more discipline way of doing things.

In order to do this, I had to forewarn my family and closest friends of the ‘new me’. At this time, I have created a schedule for myself to adhere to for the next couple of months so that I can complete a few projects before the ending of 2012. This should get me ‘back on track’ with my projects but most of all my blogging.

Below are some articles  from other blogs and resources regarding time management. If you have any articles to share on ideas for time management and organizational skills, feel free to post it as a comment.
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2 thoughts on “Finding Time

  1. So glad that you are back. You’ve been missed. I know how it is though…life just happens. We try to compete with the crazy fast pace of the world we live in, but we have to slow down sometimes, and breathe, and continue to live.
    Thanks for posting the links.

    1. Good morning! Sorry for the delayed reply. It’s good to be back. I am only posting a couple of days during the week until I get my schedule setup to work around my daily routine. However, making excellent progress. Also, I forgot about the pre-post feature on WP. Thus, will help out.

      Well, have a delightful day!

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