A Wonderful Worldwide Eco Friendly Life Changing Movement

A few minutes ago, I finished watching The Next List, hosted Dr. Sanjay Gupta, The story was regarding Susan Heisse, who was born in East Germany the same day the Berlin Wall went up. As a teenager she was  imprisoned for her attempt to escape the country but later traded to West Germany, as a political prisoner. During the interview, she mentioned she moved away from society to build up her own self-esteem and find herself. After about a year, she joined society again  moving to Italy to become a fashion designer. Yet, this was not her true calling in life.

Instead, Susana moved to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and took on a task that affects so many world-wide: trash. She is the founder of http://puravidaatitlan.org. She mentioned how she saw an old man stuffing a bottle with plastic bags. Needless to say, she turned this idea into the phenomenal another type construction material, she calls eco-bricks.


Her passionate fight for this Guatemala has spread into other countries facing similar affects from trash. What a wonderful cause to jump on board!

Despite the fact that there are 3 volcanoes surrounding this beautiful lake, the footage of the area revealed a magnificent place to visit.  All I can say, this is a definite ‘bucket list’ must for me! I would not only like to visit the place but also partake in the program while visiting country. If you are visiting or looking for some where to be a missionary/volunteer, maybe this may be of interest to you.

Well, below are more resourceful links regarding this wonderful movement that has  been going on since 2005. Check them out, perhaps it will spark a wonderful idea in you to serve you local community!