Observation: A Wonderful, Inspirational Writing Tool!

As I listen to some songs from Josh Groban while I wait for my flight, I watch people passing by my section, I lose myself in thoughts about what is going in the lives of these people. I love to observe others for expressions and emotions to write about them in poems or short stories.

Today, there are a variety of characters in a story that has no ending. For instance,  a young couple sitting together possible beginning their life as husband and wife going to or back from their honeymoon; an older couple returning from visiting a son or daughter, whom may just had a first born; a flight attendant returning home after an exhausting week of work; a family coming back from a family reunion or death in the family; a teen flying for the first time to another state…the possibilities go on.

Whatever the reason these individuals are here, their expressions and emotions are interesting to watch. Perhaps this may be viewed as odd/weird, but it is somewhat inspirational to me.  It helps to make my stories and poems come to life.  The next time you are in such a public place, just take a look around and view others.  Imagine what is going on in their lives and then write about it.  Write it in a form of a letter, poem, or story as you see it. Share the emotions you view…whether it is good or bad, happy or sad. Then share it with someone else…tell this stranger’s story through your eyes.

Yours truly!