Hi All! I read this post and got a lot of thoughts. What to do think about it? Currently, I am establishing a business which will require marketing to a certain target of people. Although I would like to be ready with my product before the end of 2012, I know realistically, it want be until 2013. However, I am thinking about the marketing of this product and writing down the methods/options I would like to use.

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What is the impact of your ignorance on your business? Most people would agree that they don’t know. I would say that you do know…..by the results and success you are able to achieve.Ignorance and apathy cost small business billions annually. The costliest mistake small businesses make is not being able to detect when they don’t know and what they don’t know. Think for a second about the things you reallly know how to do……….aren’t they easier because of that. Doesn’t it make a major difference in how you approach those things? Outside of the confidence of knowing there should be very little confidence and more focus on learning. It is your ignorance that has slowed, if not stagnated your business success. Most people just starting in buiness just don’t know how much they don’t know but are confident they will succeed. Think of it this way can you use…

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  1. Focus on the market demand before you spend time ,energy and resources on the product. The world is overwhelmed with products nobody wants, and the owners pay a very high price emotionally, that could easily be avoided by creating a mini campaign to determine demand.

    Thanks for the re post. I am usually to busy write but I will try to put up content more frequently.

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