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What I am about to share may be offensive to some…perhaps enough to make  some of  you stop following this blog. Yet, I have to write about this because I want to make it very clear about how I feel with our nation’s economic status to a specific individual, who is the inspiration for this post today and probably be reading it but will not LIKE it!

I come from a very culturally diverse family and proud of it. Although I look Hispanic, I am not.  I was born in Germany but American by birthright through my father’s nationality. I am proud to be a American West Indian German! I am proud of my heritage! I appreciate my ancestors and what they have passed down to my family and this nation. Even when some of the people of this nation do not appreciate what my ancestors have contributed to make it the powerful nation it is!

Now to address the statement that was directed to me: “It because of you immigrants which is why our nation is where it is economically!” This coming from an allegedly, well-educated man, a person who knows me through a mutual friend. Although I have known this person for some time now, it was as if I was standing in front of a different person. My facial expression must have betrayed my thoughts, because he moved a couple of steps backwards.. I just wanted to smack him upside his head as he kept going on about why immigrants are taking over our jobs here in America.

#1) Immigrants are what made this country an economic tiger in the beginning including through the oppressing enslavement of the Natives that were already here and Africans & Chinese that were shipped to this beautiful country! Immigrants were here during the Industrial Revolution (1820-1870) and the Progressive Era (1890–1920)‎ just to name a couple. All though the economic history of the USA, immigrants have been involved in our nations progress and will continue to contribute to it.

#2) Hispanics as well as other immigrants, offer a variety of skills that some Americans would not even consider to do. We all have our dreams/goals/desires to have a ‘piece of the big American Dream’. For some it comes easy and for others it takes a lifetime achievement. However, many of us would not even consider doing the work (hard work at that) which many of the very immigrants do. Perhaps, we feel it is beneath us or something; too little pay; or there is just a laziness about us. I share with you a broadcasting that I heard yesterday. It was a interview with a California mushroom farmer and his issue with not having enough workers to harvest his crop. Although he has been using Mexican workers, I got the impression he was speaking about his fellow Americans when he described those who generally did not last for more than a week.

#3) Our nation’s economic status, well in a word, SUCKS! Although there are a lot of variables that contribute to our nation’s current status, we apparently have not learned from our last economical crisis, you know, the Great Depression. Hence, I found this video/article which suggests possible main reasons of the Great Depression during the 20th century. Hummm! Déjà vu?

To conclude, I believe in America! I believe we can get out of this economic stress! Although greed, racism, social class prejudice will always be apart of this country. I can only control that within myself and respond intelligently when it presents itself to me. Yes, I believe together, we can establish a way of living to boost our economy! In my eyes and heart, it doesn’t matter if you are Republican or Democratic; Black, Hispanic, White or Asian; Christian or Atheus…our nation is the best ‘Melting Pot’ in the world! So, when people show their ignorance, I appreciate what my ethnicity rewarded me: EMPOWERMENT!!

As for you, the inspiration of my post today, I have a question: Do you know your family heritage? What country are your ancestors are from? Dig very deep by the roots of your family’s tree! You may be surprised at what you find!

Yours truly!

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