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Unemployment is the most pressing problem facing our nation.

The official unemployment rate is 8.3%, but many think the “real” unemployment rate is actually much higher.

So I was shocked to learn that manufacturers in Indiana, in New York, in California and in many other states can’t find the people they need to hire to ramp up production of their goods.  While we have added nearly 500,000 manufacturing jobs over the last two years, a study published last year by Deloitte estimated that approximately 600,000 well-paying manufacturing jobs are going wanting in our country simply because of a lack of workers with the requisite skills to fill the positions.  But I am happy to report, help is on the way.

Given the high average wages of jobs in the manufacturing sector ($29.75 an hour in 2010), lots of Americans are getting the training necessary to fill the 600,000 manufacturing openings in…

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  1. Very interesting post. Thanks for reblogging. I see why President Obama is always talking about manufacturing jobs. That ought to get the economy moving quite a bit. 🙂

    1. We need to support our manufacturers & businesses here in the USA.. Yet, the same goes for some of the owners of these companies! They need to export the goods and not the jobs! They need to reinvest in our nation and not hoard their profits in the banks of other countries! 🙂

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