3 Bright Young Stars…2 Science Experiments…1 Space Station…0 Gravity

3 Bright Young Stars…2 Science Experiments…1 Space Station…0 Gravity!

That’s the introduction ad for You Tube Space Lab upcoming event. In less than 10 hours, you can watch a live broadcasting from space on the International Space Station some 250 miles above Earth’s atmosphere. That’s right! A live streaming with  astronaut Sunita Williams on ISS 1510-1530GMT will share these young students’ (Amr  Mohamed  from Alexandria, Egypt along with  Dorothy Chen and Sara Ma  from Michigan, USA)

According to the sponsors, the times are set to air an hour after the following times: 7:30AM PDT ~ 9:30AM CDT ~ 10:30AM EDT ~ 3:30PM BST ~ 4:30PM CEST. Check out more on this You Tube link or read more here.

Congratulations to all 3! What an incredible accomplishment for these teenagers!



  1. thehealthywarrior · September 13, 2012

    Now that is a wonderful accomplishment for those young up and comimg astronauts 🙂

    • Empowered Results · September 14, 2012

      Yes, indeed! I promised my Grandson to watch it with him this weekend! I am looking forward to seeing his reaction to the video and the conversation it will spark between us…he loves science! 🙂

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