What a wonderful post found on Jim McDowell’s blog. I really enjoyed it and hope you will too! Take the polls…I did! Here are my answers:

How Do You Follow Blogs? I formally follow them by email or by using the Blog host’s “follow” option
Which Blogs Do You Follow? Other: M
any know my rule of thumb…if someone likes me or follows, I follow them back & then there is the blog-hopping finds.

I follow: 71-100 (68 on Word press & about 20 on other blogging platforms)
Take care!


I’ve been thinking about this question for some time. I’ve noticed on recent posts that some people have discussed their reasoning behind whose blogs they follow—and don’t follow. Even though we’re still in the depths of the summer blog doldrums, I thought I’d wade into the topic with a few questions for you. Don’t worry, these aren’t essay questions like we had in school. They’re very simple. And the poll results are anonymous. I hope early readers will stop by later to see where the responses are going.

Are You a Formal or Casual Follower?

If I’m interested in a blog, I’ll follow it formally if I can. Even though WordPress has a “Follow” option that links to the Reader, I follow blogs by email notifications. That way I know I won’t accidentally miss something. Since I’m not overly tech savvy, I follow some bloggers on other hosts simply by…

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