An Unwelcomed Guest

Tomorrow will make a week ago when I began preparing for an unwanted guest. I watched as the signs of a storm began:  overcast of clouds, gusts of wind; increased humidity and random spurts of rain all during Saturday. What a wonderful comforter day…you know, the kind of day you just wanna stay in bed and watch old movies and pig out on iconic temptations.

However on Sunday, there was a vast difference. I was going to attend a trade show but it was cancelled due to the weather. Late in the afternoon, I ended up taking my Mom to the emergency room for a non-related storm reason. Although it was not the most pleasant way to spend quality time together, it probably was the best place to be in a storm like this one.  Unfortunately, she was admitted and will be there for a few days. 😦

On Monday morning, I got up only to find a  lake had been created in front of my friend’s home. So, I went home to pick up a few things for my Mom. On the way home, I went through another small lake. My car began to squeal as I thread softly to the intersection near my home. Upon turning the last corner before my complex, I was greeted again by another lake.  😦

Throughout the rest of the  week, I prayed for the safety and for peace of mind for those about to be visited by the storm which had moved into the Gulf of Mexico. As the media broadcasts remind us that Isaac would possibly be bringing much the residents of  Louisiana and the surrounding areas a lot of  anxiety because it would hit on the 7th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Although only a category 1 or 2 when it arrives,  the government officials spoke high assurance that they are better prepared for the storm.

Well, I know I cannot go without sharing some photos of my vicinity with you.  Also, you can keep track of what is left of Issac via the Services Division/Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution or just check out the ones populating out in the Atlantic Ocean.

Sincerely yours!

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6 thoughts on “An Unwelcomed Guest

  1. My…your community is really going through something. So glad to know that you are okay. Hope your mom is doing better. There was some flooding here in hollywood florida due to the rain a few days ago. Do you happen to live in south florida too?

    1. Happy Friday! The storm was an inconvenience for a few days but nothing compared to what West Palm Beach experienced. However, Louisiana and their surrounding areas were drenched and flooded extremely far worse.

      My Mom came home today…just in time for my daughter’s birthday. Of course, she wants to do all the cooking and baking. I told her she shouldn’t but she is so stubborn.

      As for living in S FL, yes…I live north of you…about 15 minutes give or take. Perhaps, we can blog together at Dunkin Donuts one day! 🙂

      Well, have a wonderful, relaxing, safe holiday weekend!

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