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While eating breakfast one Saturday morning during the 2012 Summer Olympics weeks , I began to check my email accounts (all 10 of them) and my blog. Then, I watched some of the Olympics before channel surfing (my attention span is very minimal). However, this was a wonderful treat since I rarely get to watch the TV when I want to do so (my Mom is such a TV Queen).   🙂

I did about 10 minutes of surfing, when I came across a scene of a movie where a man was photographing another man being chased by a small mob. They brutally knocked down this man with machetes … beating him until he was dead. Thus, the prelude of  my hour and a half  of a complete mixed emotional critique of this true story about four young combat photographers who risk their lives to give the world a story with photography of the violence coupled with South Africa’s free elections the end of apartheid.

The movie was entitled The Bang Bang Club. The four photographers are played by Ryan Phillippe (Greg Marinovich), Frank Rautenbach (Ken Oosterbroek), Taylor Kitsch (Kevin Carter ) and Neels Van Jaarsveld (Joao Silva ) who  were ensembled by Director Steven Silver. Their roles depicted these photographers’ passion for photography; their loyal friendship; their powerful story telling through the lens of their cameras.

Although this movie came out in 2010, I had never heard of it. I was captivated from the start. As the movie unveiled more of the story of these photographers as they went to the field to bring the war images to those around the world, it also revealed the moral controversy as to the ethical role of these photographers while in that very scenario. At any point, these mean were definitely a different breed of photographers.

To conclude, I encourage those who have not seen the movie, do so. For those who are not able to see the movie, I found the following blog, Iconic Photos, which posts some info about the photos that got both photographers, Greg Marinovich and Kevin Carter, who were nominated the Pulizer prize.

Yours truly!

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