OK you meat & potato peeps! What do you think? Grass or Grain???? 🙂

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BeefBy Alison Acerra, MS, RD

No question about it, beef is a mainstay in the American diet.  Average consumption hovers around 270 pounds per person annually according to the Earth Policy Institute.  Public health experts have warned of the dangers of consuming too much red meat, mainly due to its correlation with high cholesterol and heart disease risk.   These animal proteins are a significant source of total and saturated fat in the food supply.  This wasn’t always the case however, and here’s where the story gets interesting.

Prior to the 1950’s, cattle were traditionally allowed to graze pastures freely, with grass being their primary source of nutrition.  In efforts to streamline beef production, conserve land, reduce costs, increase yields, and produce well-marbled meat, the industry changed dramatically.  Today, most cattle are raised in large feed lots, where their mobility is limited and diets consist mainly of grain or corn.


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