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“Hardball” with Chris Matthews is on the television as I join Mr. Wonderful on the couch to snuggle.  The urgent tone in Matthew’s voice compels me to listen. A heated discussion about Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as a VP running mate is taking place, analyst predict Ryan’s budget cuts will intensify the political fight over Medicare.

By commercial time I feel stupid, have difficulty following the ping-pong conversation and question what I can follow, as not making sense.

What fight over Medicare? Every republican in the House and Senate, including Paul Ryan signed into law Obama’s cuts to Medicare Providers (insurance companies, hospitals, nursing homes and drug companies).

Oops, right the 2012 budget was never passed on July 31st, a continuing resolution was approved.

“Oh wait, wait, don’t tell me,” Romney says he will not sign the bill into effect if elected.

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  1. Enpowered Results,
    Thank you for your encouragement and reblogging my post. Appreciate the lead as an “interesting post” that was my intent. This is the closest I’ll get to being a celebrity. claudiajustsaying

    1. Remember, we are all celebrities…we are just measured by different levels of fame! What are you famous for in your community? Whether you stand for human rights, share your political knowledge, show others how to obtain financial freedom, being the neighborhood mom your kids friends can feel at home or have you as their role model….your famous for making a difference within your local and blogging communities!


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