I truly believe that everyone has a talent/gift. Some are naturally able to display their talent openly, while others have to be nurtured to bring out the best in them. This post is a wonderful way of bringing out the artist in a child!
My grandson loves to use the Paint Tool on the family computer. This may be a great tool to inspire him to use real paint for his wonderful works of art! 🙂


From top to bottom: Painting alongside my children – finger painting with my three-year old; observing my seven year old start some abstract art (which I joined in with towards the end); the resulting finished painting.

Ingredients: A range of paints – finger paints, acrylics, watercolours, oils (and linseed oil), mark-making tools, and materials to paint on – wood, canvas, cartridge paper, collage paper.

The Big Sell: Let’s paint beside each other and see what we can make together.

Strategy: It occurred to me early on as a mum and an artist there was a big gap between mine and my child’s expectations of a painting. I expected them to sit quietly and to concentrate on forming a well composed painting with narrative and clear bright colours. They expected to swish some paint around a space (which included paper but also included the table, chairs, floor, their hands…

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