All to often we hear/read/see diseases that affect many people. However, we tend not to go the extra mile and get involved until it affects our personal space.
There are families who have been affected with Alzheimer’s Disease. For those who are not familiar with it, visit and read more about it. Recently, there had been a breakthrough in the medical world on this disease. You can read more on the following site:
If you can donate to any reputable organization and join the cause that will hopefully some day rid our society of such a diminishing disease. Remember, it could affect someone in your family, a close friend or co-worker one day!
Yours truly!


This past weekend was my Nana’s birthday. She turned 76.

A great woman!

My mom had 4 kids, a single mother, and couldn’t afford the bills. Without ever complaining my Nana took me all to herself. She taught me so much! When I was learning to read and write she would open the bible. Most nights we would read and write scripture! Others we would sit and watch TV on her only couch, while eating cheese and crackers. She made my childhood! I was given the chance to be a kid only because of her. If I was ever in trouble she was always there to solve my every problem. When I pray today, and I can’t find the words I pray today, and I can’t find the words to say my pain, I can remember my Nana praying “God you know my pain, I give…

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