You could be missing money and not know it…check out this post! Then, go to or I will probably list these under My Links To Links page some time this week!

No Dollar Left Behind

A dear friend of mine alerted me to this great website (Thanks E.A.) It has been such fun to let people know about this site. Also in my state-Washington, there is a website that leads you to a site called .

A relative of mine found an old paycheck here for $134, someone else I know found $321 and another person found more than $4,000! These include stale checks (more than 182 days old-six months) from insurance companies, last paychecks, deposits refunded from the local utility, etc.
Here’s how these funds become “missing money”. Someone owes you money   and the funds stay “on file” or “in suspense” somewhere.

  • Could be a check that you failed to cash for some reason, maybe a perfectly good one.
  • It could be from an inheritance
  • Or a missing pension benefit
  • Long-lost refund from a business

Companies, organizations and governments have…

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