Luck is on Empowered Results’ side: An Auction Tool Treasure!

As many of you may have noticed about me, when ever I am liked, followed, or shared by others, I will visit and usually begin following the blogs who have liked, followed, or shared my blog link. I even check out other blogs found in the comments listed on these blogs that I liked, followed, or shared and do the same with them: like, follow, or share.  🙂

This has been a rewarding routine in many ways than one. I never know what rewarding treasures I will be found on the opposite side of my blogosphere! Hence, one of the beautiful rewards I got today being visited by Jackie at Shook who liked one of my recent posts. Thus, I liked the front paged post (wonderful artwork); decided to follow the blog, and now sharing it with you, my dear Readers and  Followers!

I thought, how appropriate was the title Jackie’s post, Luck is on Shook’s side: This artwork is stunning., going to be for my post title today! Now I have 2 things to thank Jackie about today:

1} An aid for a future fundraising project for my blog

2} Today’s post title!

I am sure you will enjoy the post as I and may you all continue creating a difference that will aid your local and blogging communities!