Hi All!

For those in Florida, this weekend is Tax Free Weekend August 3-5!  Are you taking advantage of this tax break? I did! I bought everything for my grandson’s school year. Not only save $11.64 of taxes, I got a nice surprise when I got to the register. As the cashier was ringing up the merchandise, she mentioned that the 5 school uniform pants were on sale: I paid $9.99 vs. $12.97 for 5 school uniform pants ($14.90 =$2.98 per pants).  So, I got a total savings of $26.54.

Although some people may not think my total savings was great, this event would have been a great aid back in the day for a single parent of 3 like myself.  Currently,my grandson is the only household student for this school year.  So, I am not feeling too much out-of-pocket pain! Hopefully Florida participates again next year! If not, I may have to visit family and friends where there are no sales taxes on clothing! 🙂

Happy shopping!