Hi All!

I have to post my apologies for Blog Community Day flop which occurred this past weekend! I had thought I scheduled the date correctly and was trying a new directory program someone recommended as well. However, I selected the wrong year and the directory ended up not working after all. So, I regrouped these past few days and created another blog entitled, Blog Community Directory and just posted it today!

If you can, please forgive my hiccup and visit the directory. Hopefully, you will not be discourage from supporting this cause. I will be doing a major solicitation campaign this weekend for more ‘shops’ to advertise. In the meantime, please visit those who are advertising on the directory. If you shop, please leave a comment and let us know your experience!

Thank you!


One thought on “MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES!!!

  1. Another apology is due for those who were attempting to access the ‘Welcome to Blog Community Day!’ link in the upper right corner of this site this week and greeted by a private access message. Well as you can see, I am still learning Word Press.

    Thanks for your patience!

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