Hi my dear Readers! Check out 2 new neighbors of the Blogosphere: Living a London Life (Roos) and Yasupa (Jasper). I have visited their sites and they look very promising! Also, I love Roos’ blog which was created by Roselinde (great job young lady!!!)



Hey guys I just wanted to let you know about two of my friends who have recently started a wordpress blog. Roos (or Rose, as it’s pronounced) started her blog to keep those at home updated (of course this doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting for you to read either), as she’s moved to London and has started working as an au pair since July 1st. She’s already posted about her first day and I look forward to reading more about her “new life” in the UK, so I recommend you pay her blog a visit (p.s. I helped a teeny tiny bit with her blog design too)!

Secondly, another good friend of mine, Jasper, will be staying with a host family in Kasugai (close to Nagoya), Japan this summer and is planning to update regularly (if internet access permits him to do so) as well. Nevertheless, even if he isn’t…

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