I read this a few minutes ago and just wanted to share to all my Readers!

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

I received an email about a young girl who faced sexual harassment from one man, and blame from more than fifty other male passengers because they resented her being in what they felt was their space. She was traveling in the general compartment of the Delhi Metro.

Reserved seats and coaches are not a special indulgence towards women, they are an indication of a serious social problem.

1. In many ways public transport and spaces in India seem to be reserved for men. Women’s use of public spaces is seen as a privilege, or even as an encroachment into men’s spaces.

Since many other basic human rights  depend on the direct use of public transport, this denial affects the entire society.

For example, many young girls are denied education because of fear of men’s behaviour in public spaces, if they are allowed education they are not allowed to travel too…

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