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Parents, teachers, teens, pastors, youth leaders, librarians, and grandparents: Today’s guest blog by Award Winning Author Lynn Dove is a must read. The topic is bullying. Lynn’s books are powerful and poignant! They are also resources on the world’s largest anti-bullying website. Please check her books out at the bottom of the post. Her novels should be in every library: school, church, home and read by all, especially those affected in any way by bullying or teenage issues. Very honored to have Lynn here today. It’s all yours Lynn!

Someone asked me the other day what motivated me to write the “Wounded Trilogy”.  Easy answer:  I wanted to make sure that every young person and adult that read my books would know that God loves them, He cares for them and no matter what circumstance in life they may find themselves, they are not alone.

This is why my books are listed as resources on one…

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