Spaaaaaaah!!! Bucket Lists Do Come True & It Can Happen To You

Hi my Dear Readers!  I was liked by the very special blog! Since 12 years old I had a buck list of 100 things I wanted to do when I grew up. At age 40, I completed up to 82 of them only to add 50 more items to my list a year later.  Bucket lists are just something worth striving for!  I believe everyone should have at least 1 thing they want to do by the time they reach age 100!!! Perhaps, I will share mine with you all one day!

Please stop by and add your Buck List to this wonderful and inspiring blog. Check out this touching story: *Written by a bucket list recipient of Bucket List Publications. Making bucket list dreams come true for our readers; find out how at Submit Your List and You Could Be the Next Bucket List Recipient!*

via Spaaaaaaah!!! Bucket Lists Do Come True & It Can Happen To You.

Also, if you are one who loves to give to others, then you will want to visit the GIVE page. I encourage you all to share this page to anyone who you might think can donate to this cause to make more dreams come true before they ‘kick their bucket’!




  1. Leonard Marks · July 4, 2012

    great post

  2. lesleycarter · June 26, 2012

    Thank you for the support. Hopefully, I can make more and more bucket list dreams come true. 🙂

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