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I have been nominated for The Liebster Award by Donna L Sadd and  The Versatile Blogger award by Rosie Scribblah. However, I note that Rosie has nominated me not only for my versatility but because I am “a bit bonkers.” Hmmmm. Fair comment. But it got me thinking are Blogging Awards a bit bonkers anyway?

I’m a relative newbie to blogging, but as I began viewing other blogs I noticed awards pinned to side bars. Wow, I thought, what a great honour. Then I saw in the comments list bloggers eagerly informing the recipient of their award nomination. Ah ha, I thought, awards for bloggers, by bloggers. How lovely. However, I also noted comments like “Thank you, but I don’t accept awards” or notices in effect saying “Push off and take your award nomination with you”. So is accepting an award a crass thing to do I wondered. Do only desperate, needy bloggers accept…

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