Yesterday, I read this post…Today I wanted to reblog this post! What a wonderful way to say Happy Father’s Day!



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  1. Wow!! Thanks for reblogging!! This post is extra special to me so I really really appreciate the support! My daughter has asked her twitter followers to retweet a tweet she sent Ed Sheeran. She wants to try and get Ed Sheeran to retweet the link to the blog as a present for her Dad on Fathers Day. Tweeting is not my strong point but any tweets to @edsheeran would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks again 🙂

    1. Awesome! I hope she gets that Tweet! I don’t tweet yet…I am not as organized to maintain the ‘birdie’ acct. I am getting a Father’s Day post ready…I pre-post one for Mother’s Day and it did not post and some how I deleted the post altogether… 😦

      Have a great day with the hubby!

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