Here is an enjoyable read for you my friends! So, what do you wanna do today that takes your childhood? Watch cartoons (anime), play in the sand (beach), go on an adventure (roller skating)…Whatever your nostalgic moment is, have fun doing it!

One Week to Crazy

Okay, I admit it: there’s one place in this city where I am instantly recognized the moment I step in the door. Yes, in a city with three million people and enough tourists to create our own Model U.N.  Ahh, the candy store. And really, at first I wasn’t embarrassed, thinking that the staff must have fantastic customer service skills to be able to recognize their patrons (perhaps I shouldn’t give so much credit when I’m the only one tall enough to see over the counter). But as I kept returning, the staff began engaging me in conversation as if we were old friends, reminding me about details of our past discussions and even (gasp!) remembering my husband’s name! That’s when it got out of control.

In all fairness, I tried to stop going due to sheer embarrassment, but there’s something about those walls of sugary bliss that I…

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