Hi my readers who are travelers! Doesn’t this look like an awesome place to visit. Check our more on Roselinde’s blog!


Hi everyone, long time no post! I’m back from my short hiatus and plan on blogging loads more than I have before, as I have officially passed my final exams and am now gearing up to become a student at Amsterdam University College in September. But first, of course, I get to enjoy my summer break. Coincidentally, I have also just returned from a (sneaky post-exams, but pre-results) trip to Tenerife! Not only did we get to escape the gruesome weather, I also got to see mount Teide; the highest point in Spain and third-highest volcano of the world. So yep, I’d say Parque Nacional del Teide, named World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007, was the absolute highlight of our trip (cheesy pun intended). Such a shame I only got to visit the park once, unfortunately not every family member shares my interest in one of the most interesting…

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