Useful Blogging Tools

While surfing around the net, I found this very resourceful article entitled 100 Useful Blogging Tools by  Chris McConnell, the founder and editor of  DailyTekk.  Some of the tools listed in the article,  I am already familiar with and/or have use in some of my projects.  Well, the article got me thinking: so I made  my own list of  tools that I are essential for blogging:

Appetite – According to Dictionary.Com, one of its definitions for the work appetite is ‘a desire or liking for something; fondness;…’ To blog,  people should have a desire to share the information which reflects their liking for something that is truly passionate to them.

Paper & Pen/Journal-How many times have you been driving and saw a sign with an upcoming event or an advertisement on a vehicle; heard a commercial ad while at a stop light? Having a pen & paper allows you to be able to write down the info at the next light so you can research it more later. That’s why I keep a bunch of Posts It pads in my car at all times!

Laptop/iPad/PC-  These devices are DEFINITELY a must for any blogger! How else would we be able to share all of those wonderful articles with our Readers or do all that re-blogging (like me)!

Camera- As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words! Have you ever ordered a meal and wanted to take a photo of it;  seen a beautiful flower during a walk; or came across a humorous sign and just wished you had a camera to take a photo?

Smart phone- The ultimate all-in-one too for us to expand our posting ‘appetites’ ! It’s an amazing device [you know, like a compact laptop] where we can  reply to a comment; post an event link;  take a memo; or just capture a moment, upload it and share with our readers!