OK, So you see I am not as obsess with blogging,,yet! 🙂 Sure I may have become a re-blog blogger princess but there is someone who is definitely the queen of blogging! This confession proves it! I wanna be like this young lady one day!!!
One word….FANTASTIC!!!

[OLD] Graphique Fantastique ▲

Anyone reading this will know that I love to blog. I’ve owned my blog for 1210 days  now and have racked up 311 posts – that is nearly equivalent to a post every 4 days! Some might say I’m obsessed or addicted but as a Graphic Design student I find it to be really beneficial and helpful in getting my work ‘out there’.

It seems so long ago now (as I am behind) but back in March I did a coupleofposts on what I had been up to in the studio, which I don’t usually do but due to the style of the lessons it worked. Data Visualisation. If I’m honest, I wasn’t crazy about it at the start. I had seen some really interesting info graphics on the web, but didn’t really think it was for me. I’m not one to shy away from a challenge though…

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