Hi my Readers! This one was a bit touching to me. You see, I am a military ‘war baby or brat’ who was born in Germany but lived all over. As a teen, I lived in the US Virgin Islands but now reside in Florida. So, would it be safe to say my current home is the USA? Well, I was brought up to believe that home is where you hang your hat. So, I guess right now…it’s the USA!!!


In an earlier post CIA wrote eloquently about turangawaewae. We both have complicated senses of identity – we’ve moved around; our fathers were both born overseas; we’re suspicious of the temptation of nationalism.

I moved to New Zealand when I was 21, which means I have spent more of my adult life there than anywhere else. Scotland, where my Dad was born, also feels like an intellectual home – if not a literal one. But I was born in Canberra. It’s not much of a city, but it’s where I’m from.

And I wonder, is home where you were born?

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