What an inspiring post to read! I just had to share this with all my Readers! I hope this gets to be the most re-blogged article in our blogging community! Enjoy!

cancer killing recipe

You see, my Blog originaly supposed to be a Website. Done deal Website: cancerkillingrecipe., which is now #1 Post. But the Computer Technician told me, that i will be better off with WordPress Blog, because it is free and Blogging is hot lately. Who am I to argue!

So I became a Blogger. Just like that. And as You already know, I’m not a Writer or computer Guru.

I was OK. at the beginning, but than the messages started popping-up little too fast for my liking….. My computer is slow and I’m even slower. And I’m all alone in it. I have some friends and family, but those who want to help don’t know how, and those who know how, are too busy. I don’t complain. I just want You to know, that I’m doing my best under my circumstances. I’m not lazy, ungreatful or looking for excuses. I’m sorry!…

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