This pie looks yummy!!! Will definitely have to try this recipe!

A pie doesn’t have to be complicated. With only six ingredients, this Lime Cheesecake Pie takes literally minutes to assemble and the freezer does the rest! Cold, refreshing, creamy and tart, this is the best and easiest pie you’ll ever make. It’s fantastic in the spring and summer when the temperatures outside are really hot. You can make it as light as you like too, by purchasing lower fat ingredients.  Start by juicing some fresh limes. You’ll need 1/3 of a cup. I have a juicer, but no fancy equipment is needed. Just roll your lime under the palm of your hand a few times while pressing gently or pop the lime in the microwave for about 15 seconds to get those juices flowing. The lime flavor is what makes this pie AWESOME.

Beat softened cream cheese until smooth, then add in one can of sweetened condensed milk, fresh lime juice and vanilla…

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