Blackbolt and Sentry: Frenemies

I found the following article Blackbolt and Sentry: Frenemies. regarding a breed of cats I have never heard about before today. Being the cat lover I am, I stated to research the breed.

According to my findings,  this breed was established by a cat breeder by the name of Ann Baker  in the 1960s.  She  trademarks the name and establishes her own registry for the Ragdoll breed. However, this breed development became  a moot amongst the cat breeding society.

The story goes that she purchases kittens from her neighbor  who had a cat named Josephine, a common white longhair,  that got hit by a car. However, she totally believed that the government had experimented on this cat causing its immunity to pain and the limberness when picked up.

According to CatChannel.Com, the following Cat Stats were listed:

Color: The CFA accepts four colors – seal, chocolate, blue and lilac for registration – and three patterns: color point, mitted and bi-color. Only bi-color may be shown. TICA accepts all pointed colors, solid, tabby, torti and particolor, which is any accepted color with white.
Grooming: Surprisingly low-maintenance for a longhaired cat. Although the fur does not mat, experts advise brushing once or twice weekly.
Best Home: Like the name suggests, Ragdolls excel at taking it easy. Though some can be active and chatty, naptimes are sacred and taken anywhere, whether hanging off a bed or spread across the floor. Multiple Ragdolls often sleep piled on top of one another.
National Breed Club: Ragdoll Fanciers? Club International;
Personality: Easygoing and loving.
Appearance: Ideal Ragdolls are well-balanced with a broad, modified wedge head, full cheeks, wide-set, medium-size ears, strong neck and medium-to-long legs. Their oval eyes are always some form of blue. The fur is shorter on the front legs than the back legs and rest of the body. They typically weigh between 14 and 18 pounds, although altered males can exceed 20 pounds.

Listed below are the 4 qualities of this breed with some prices taken fromFloppyCats.Com

  • Pet (Alter) Quality – approximately USD$450- USD $750 (some breeders charge more for females due to the fact that spaying costs more than neutering, also some breeders will charge more for rare or non-traditional color patterns, like Torties , Creams, Lilacs and Flames)
  • Show (Alter) Quality – approximately USD$600- USD $1000+
  • Breeder Quality – approximately USD$1200- USD $1800+
  • Show/Breeder Quality – approximately USD$1500- USD $1800+

If you would like more information on this cat breed, I would recommend visiting your local cat fancy breeding association branch or a local veterinarian.

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