Today at Dunkin Donuts!

As always, when I come to this Dunkin Donuts, I am served with a smile and with the ‘family atmosphere’ of the crew: fun-loving peeps! Today, Evan, one of the managers on duty, took my order. I ordered #10( Turkey, Cheddar, Bacon Flat) with Iced Hazelnut coffee. By the way, Nina, made my coffee perfectly. While some may say ‘what’s hard about that?’…I just want to note this because when using liquid sugar vs regular sugar, it can be a bit on the sweet side. She hit it right on the taste bud!! Also, I would like to mention Ian, who asked if I needed anything while getting my table setup prior to me ordering.

For those who wonder why I do this…well, I just want to make sure that the staff really gets recognized for the service they give to customers like myself! I use to work as a waitress and can appreciate great service with a smile! So, I believe in sharing such great service when I come across it. The next time you visit DD, keep your receipt/get the store number and visit and share your experience. Hopefully, it will be as great as mine!

Yours truly,