My Favorite Recipes…HMMM!!!!

I love to cook and bake. Yet, when someone asked me to share some of my favorite recipes — especially the ones that take only 30 minutes to cook…I had to think on how I would do this for the person. Let me explain why. Like my late Granny, I don’t measure exactly the normal way. To make matters worse, I really don’t taste the food while cooking it. So, it’s difficult for me to write the quantity with each ingredient to describe to another person how to cook one of my meals.

Instead, I decided to give some of my favorite inspirational food sites because I have none on any index cards to really share with anyone. Well, the sites gave her great inspiration for some quick meal preparations for family and friends. Hopefully, the following will be useful to someone else:

Gone Raw
All Recipes
Food Network
Veg Web
Vegetarian Times

Bon appétit!