Another Great Experience with Dunkin Donuts!!!

My experience is always great when I visit the Dunkin Donuts off McNab Rd in North Lauderdale, FL. Today, Rosa and Amanda took my order. Although Amanda is new at the location, she knows the items and recommended one of my new favorites, the Big & Toasty. As for Rosa, the manager, she has been there since I moved into the neighborhood. She is great in the morning with the staff, keeping the line going which is a plus for me whenever I am on the run–no pun intended! 🙂

I usually visit that branch at least 3-5 days during the week at various times of the day. It is one of the only 2 locations I use as a virtual office. I use the other location on the weekend, especially when I need a conference room. You can rent theirs for only $10 per hour. My friends call these locations as ‘Heidi’s Hangout’ or my ‘Virtual Office’.

But you know the funniest thing! All this time, I’ve been going to DD, I just found out about their Tell Dunkin site. So, today, I completed a survey and got a validation code which enables me to get a free donut with my coffee tonight!!! Now, that may not sound like much but it will be a great end of the day treat for me!!!!

I love, love, love Dunkin Donuts!

Yours truly,



One thought on “Another Great Experience with Dunkin Donuts!!!

  1. As most of my friends know, Dunkin Donuts is where I will be most of the time because I update my blog or do research for my clients. I find it to be relaxing and comfortable despite the ‘local traffic’…. LOL!!!

    Well, today I was served by Danny and Janki. They are always pleasant even at this hour. Janki even remembered the way I get my coffee. It is nice to know that even if I don’t come as regular at night like my day time run to DD, that the staff can remember something as small as a medium hazelnut flavored, lite with the liquid sugar but regular with the cream.

    DD is the best!

    Yours truly,


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