My Tribute to Dunkin Donuts

Hi Readers!

I just wanted to give my congrats to Dunkin Donuts! You see, this franchise has always been there for me and my ‘special events’: birthdays, late night meetings, ‘wake ups’, road trips, diet breakers, etc… For me, this is one business that has 5 stars rating!!!

My favorite local stores are in North Lauderdale [7135 West McNab Road North Lauderdale, FL 33068-5492 (954) 721-8003] and Lauderhill [7637 North West 45 Court, Lauderhill, FL] The staff at both locations have been great with customer service for me.

Thanks, Dunkin Donuts for being open 24 hours, great coffee, and your WIFI!!!! All a person ever needs for a virtual office space!!!