Friends Don’t Let Friends Retire Broke

While in Atlanta, GA, I was able to network with many people who were willing to share with me their means on how I can get financially setup for retirement and help others do the same. I was on the MARTA when I saw a man wearing a T-Shirt stating:”Friends Don’t Let Friends Retire Broke”. As you know, some of us live pay check to pay check because of various reasons: lack of disciple; living above our means; loss of another source of income; etc…

For whatever the reason you are in such a predicament, if you could be shown a way to become financially sound for retirement, would you be interested in learning how? There are many things you can do to get yourself out of financial situations but how dedicated are you to take the journey? Are you willing to make the changes you need to do to get you there? Are you willing to listen to someone who can get you there? Ask yourself this, AM I WORTH IT? Am I worth living the financial lifestyle I seek to live?

For what its worth, all of us have financial dreams and goals. Many of which are as simple as saving money for a new dress to more complex goals as when to retire. I always had a ‘bucket list’ … I want to do a lot of things with friends and family. However, I have things I would like to do for myself. So, I made a financial commitment to myself because I would like to retire in 11 years. Thus, AM I WORTH IT?

If you are interested, I will share with you the steps I am taking for my 11 year retirement plan. I will be more than willing to do this because as the reader to this blog, we are considered “friends”. So, like the shirt stated, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Retire Broke”. As for those who are financially set and have an active retirement plan, share you knowledge with anyone who will listen to you. Don’t keep it to yourself!!!

Yours truly,